25 Cancelled Animated Movies You'll Never Get To See

Nov 27,2019

Screen Rant


Some Of These Would Have Been Huge Disney Movies!
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Animated movies take years to make and cost millions of dollars, so you can understand why studios are sometimes a little hesitant to produce them. That’s why there are so many animated movies that got cancelled over the years. Sometimes it’s due to budgeting reasons, sometimes due to technology or a lacklustre idea. Sometimes, it’s all because of another movie’s performance.

Disney and DreamWorks are the two big names in animation these days and both are responsible for dozens of cancelled projects. Some of them are sequels that just didn’t see the light of day, such as a follow up to Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Planes 3. Sometimes, the performance of other movies, such as The Cat in the Hat or Mars Needs Moms, directly impacted the standing of another movie, like Horton Hears a Who or The Yellow Submarine. Other times, it’s the poor result of the first movie in a would-be franchise, like Rise of the Guardians or Monsters vs Aliens, that keeps a franchise going.

There are some movies that did eventually get released but under completely different plots and styles than originally conceived. The original scripts for Finding Nemo 2 and Monsters Inc 2 are very different than what we actually got. Studios may think a movie too weird or mature to produce, such as Destino or Wild Life or believe their target audience won’t understand the jokes, like with Fraidy Cat. Let us know which one of these movies you’d like to see made one day!

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