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The Ming Dynasty Assassin -  明朝刺客 (2017)
The Ming Dynasty Assassin (2017) - 明朝刺客

Kungfu, Historical, Drama

HD | 90min | 1594 views

Genre KungfuHistoricalDrama

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Country China

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In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, the Eastern Han dynasty eunuch Wei Zhong Hien, who claims to be the Nine Tome, the power over the king, harmed neurons. Because of the robbery of capturing the evidence of his crimes, has sent three female elite guests are Tombs, Lands and photos go to ambush. Unexpectedly only get a copy of the secret. Because to get the original of the secret he sent 3 guests to jumble at the station guests, waiting for the opportunity to retrieve confidential. Ouyang Guangyang's guardian, Diem, is also staying here waiting for the exchange of secretaries. Also from then familiar with the second sub-Ly My Tieu and her mistress Huong Huong station guests.

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