The Producers - 프로듀사 (2015) Episode 1
The Producers (2015) - 프로듀사


HD | 60 min / epi | 4941 views

Genre ComedyDramaRomance

Director Jong-tae ChoiPyo Min SooSeo Soo MinPark CHan Yool

Country Korea

Stars Gong Hyo JinKim Soo HyunCha Tae HyunIU

The drama is set in the backstage world of broadcasting industry. The story revolves around the dynamic work and life of people who work in entertainment division of television network. Ra Jun Mo, a 10-year veteran PD of variety shows. He’s described to have a long list of variety shows credit but without a notable program under his name. 10-year veteran music show PD, Tak Ye Ji, is described to started out as an innocent and smart young rookie but the harsh working competition has changed her personality. She now become a sharp and prideful woman who says whatever is on her mind, even in front of her bosses. Rookie variety show PD, Baek Sung Chan who leaves a bright path as a prosecutor for a career in broadcast industry because of love. Diva-like top celebrity singer name Cindy, who began as a trainee at the age of 13 and has been in industry for 10 years. She’s known as an ice princess because she never lets herself feel deep affection for anyone. She experienced a lot of betrayal in the past that cause her to keep everyone at a safe distance.

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